Woodland Light Experience

In the summer of 2015 we captured this photograph for The Woodland Experience. This was for an event to be held in November of that year at North Ballochruin Farm in Balfron Station, Stirlingshire. The photograph was required for the publicity photographs to be used on posters and leaflets to promote their light and santa experiences.


The experience features a walk through the woods, with lights, stories and interactive displays.

The challenge we had in the summer was waiting for complete darkness to be able to capture the photograph. A number of lights had been set-up for the photographs and looked stunning, more so the darker it became. It was close to midnight when these final photographs were taken. By having these photographs in the summer the Woodland Light Experience team were able to pre-promote their event. 

The light experience was staged just before the second Woodland Santa Experience and was a huge successes attracting many visitors.


During that summer photography session Paul also took some pictures of Santa who made a special appearance for the publicity photographs. Call Paul Saunders on 01360 661029 to find out about  photography for your business or charity.