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Video Equipment Guide

This is a guide to the equipment that can be used to record video to promote your business. It accompanies an e-book called Getting Started With Video For Business', if you haven't reached this page via a link from the e-book and would like to read it, please get in touch and we will send you a free copy.

The e-book offers advice about producing video for your business, using a Smartphone, Go-Pro or DSLR Camera. Here are some links to equipment that will be useful. You can buy any of these items on Amazon, just follow the links. 

Filming With A Go Pro

I really like the Go Pro HERO5, the quality of the recording is breathtaking. You can also use the Go Pro App's to produce the video, with its really intuitive editing process.

The Go Pro Hero range also come with a number of accessories. The best being the Karma Grip, which provides amazing stabilisation.  You can also get a very reasonable collection of tools, grips, holders and other devices for your Go Pro that will help you in every conceivable shooting situation. 

Filming With A Smartphone

Here are some reasonably priced options to stabilise your phone, and or Go Pro. 

Filming With A DSLR Camera

DSLR Cameras can often shoot high quality video. I am a Nikon user, so know their range well. However, Cannon and Sony are also very good. Here are two entry level options. The D5300 comes with a flip screen, which can be useful for filming. 

For each of the cameras shown above, a kit lens is included which is useful. However, I strongly recommend also getting a prime lens, such as the one shown on the right. You'll get better quality from it than the kit lens. 

Recording Audio

I recommend that you capture voice audio and interviews on a separate audio recorder, i.e. not your phone, Go Pro or DSLR. A device and microphone like the ones shown below are ideal. Sync audio and visuals in editing software later. 

For any more information about video recording equipment, or for a quote to produce a promotional film for your business please let us know and we'll be happy to help.