Social Media Strategy & Content

It's the one thing that every business owners knows that they should be doing more of. However, it's often the first thing that slips. Concerns of return of investment of time and resource are the usual reasons. We offer social media support to businesses and charities  and always begin by developing a clear social media strategy. We manage many social media accounts for clients and regularly supply content, in the form of text, video and photography.

Here are some different platforms and examples of our work. Whatever size or type of business or charity that your represent we can find an affordable social media solution for you. Call Paul Saunders on 01360 661029


Usually a central part of any social media strategy. Often the best way to showcase your products/services using an authentic style of engagmeent. We can help to create targeted content that accurately represents what you do.


Facebook is still a huge force and the ideal place to start and develop conversations with your target audience. We can  provide targeted organic and paid for content. We do this for companies of all size, from start-ups, to ones with with tens of thousands of likes. 

You Tube

One of our clients has received over half a million views for their You Tube channel, using video content that we have produced for them. We can optimise your account to get the best return and to ensure that it links successfully with your website. 

Trip Advisor

A vital tool for tourism and holiday accommodation businesses. We can manage your account and respond to visitor reviews and interaction. 

E-Mail Marketing

A number of clients engage us to build a base of their customers and connect with them through e-mail marketing. We use Mail Chimp as our preferred method for achieving this. You can sign up for our newsletters by  leaving your details in the form below.


A very visual and fast-growing platform. We can provide amazing content and help plan it's distribution, advising on hash tags etc. Below are some of our recent posts... 


A good platform for promoting products and using photography to be discovered in searches and ultimately linking back to your website. Visit our Pinterest page


An on-going conversation and a good way of connecting with potential customers. 

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For any information about social media and how we can help to promote your business or charity please call 01360 661029