Sailingfast UK

This was an interesting reconnection with Emma and Duncan Hepplewhite who we had first met when we photographed them and their son Alexander (see pictures below and right) at their sailing club in Loch Lomond. 

This time Emma and Duncan asked us to produce a video, which Emma cleverly put in her brief that it should be a ‘modern day About Us website section’.

The video was planned to tell the story of their business Sailingfast UK which sells all kinds of sailing boats, accessories and clothing. For the video to be authentic we knew that it needed to ideally be filmed out on the water, however it was getting to the end of the year. Luckily they were involved at a sailing event in Largs in December.

Thankfully the weather was better than you’d expect for December on the Clyde Estuary and the video that you see above was produced for Sailingfast UK.

Thanks to Duncan, Emma and Alexander for making the filing such enormous fun. If you are interested in video, photography and marketing  for your business or charity please call us on 01360 661029.

Sailingfast UK-6015.jpg
Sailingfast UK-5788.jpg