Our Prices...

If you us to price a project please call us on 01360 661029. Our pricing policy has been devised to offer clients a number of benefits - they are:

Affordable Prices 

We want businesses and charities, of all sizes, to find our services affordable. Therefore we work hard to keep our overheads low and to ensure that our prices are competitive, fair and reasonable. This often encourages customers to come back and book us again for future projects, which is of course what we want!

Transparent Pricing 

We calculate the price in advance of the work and then that is the price the client pays, even if the job overruns. But if we can do it in less time than we estimated then we reduce the price! So it's a win-win for our customers. Obviously if there is a lot more involved than what was originally discussed then we will need to recalculate the price. 

Discounts Offered  

We offer discounts for the many customers who use us on a frequent and continuous basis. Some clients treat us as their marketing department, that they can call on when they require support. This is a more cost effective solution than employing a marketing person. 

Economies of Scale

We don't charge per service, as often we can offer multiple services at the same time for reduced costs and therefore save money for our customers. For example, if you're having a video produced then for a small bit extra we can include photography, or another version of the video etc.

Measurable Results 

We like to demonstrate the value that our Marketing Consultancy, Digital Video and Photography services offer to our clients and can measure the success of any campaign, product or service that you commission from us.