Love Loch Lomond

We have worked closely with Love Loch Lomond since 2012. We have captured photography and video content that has been used to promote Loch Lomond & The Clyde Sea Lochs throughout the world, showcasing the stunning landscapes, facilities and qualities of the destination. Here are some examples of that work.


Year of Natural Scotland Videos

In 2013 for the Year of Natural Scotland we produced a series of films, focusing on the excellent examples in Loch Lomond & The Clyde Sea Lochs of the themed years topics, which included arts, landscapes, history and leisure activities.

We also produced a series of highlight videos to promote the destination and these have received a huge number of views.

The videos have received large numbers of views and were also put onto a DVD (right) and distributed to accommodation providers/members to play to their guests. 

Loch Lomond Map & Guide

In 2014 we worked with Love Loch Lomond and Hutton Creative to produce this map and guide that has been distributed across Scotland and Northern England to showcase the quality of attractions and natural beauty in Loch Lomond & The Clyde Sea Lochs.

Photography Library   

We have created a very varied library of photography for Love Loch Lomond to promote itself, in news releases, brochures and the map that you see above. Here is just a small selection of some of that photography. A key priority for Love Loch Lomond has been to use photography that shows visitors enjoying the destination, throughout the seasons.