Video Marketing

The Power of Video Marketing

Video is a very effective way to promote a business or charity. There are two key reasons for this:

1. When searching on-line to look for products and services people find a video a far easier way to gain information, rather than attempting to read a load of text.

2. A well produced video will accurately and succinctly get across all the key aspects of what a product and service is, as well as the benefits of dealing with a particular business. 

Shaping Your Message for Video

We have produced promotional videos for all kinds of different types and sizes of businesses and charities in Scotland. Each video is different, that's because every situation is different and this is why we offer our clients a completely bespoke service for video production

If we produce a video for your business the first step will of course be planning. We'll find out how you plan to use your video, what you would like it to achieve and what the key message is that you wish to convey to the viewer. Once we are clear on that then we can start to develop the story and plan the filming. 

Examples of our Video Marketing Productions

As mentioned every production is different. We enjoy working with clients to define what it is that they do and then focusing that in a short and powerful video. They are often amazed as they watch the process come together and are pleased with the reaction that they get once their video goes on-line. The positive results are not just good viewing numbers, but increased enquiries and excellent feedback from customers.

Here are some examples of videos that we have produced with the stories behind them. 

Knockderry Country House Hotel

This beautiful country house hotel benefits from being located in a beautiful and secluded spot on Loch Long, that very easily accessed from the Central Belt of Scotland. Owner Beth MacLeod did such a good job of showcasing her business on the video that we produced for her that people often ask when enquiring about the hotel on the phone 'are you the lady in the video?'.

Loch Lomond Rocks

Whilst you can find Loch Lomond Rocks products on display at The Oak Tree Inn, St Mocha and The Village Shop in Balmaha it doesn't have its own shop, where the public can meet the owners and hear their story. So through video Nina from Loch Lomond Rocks has an opportunity tell that story and show the beautiful location that their pebble comes from and demonstrates how they turn them into pieces of art. Thousands of views of this video helped to dramatically increase order enquiries. 

The Maid Of The Loch 

This video for the Loch Lomond Steamship Company had a very important job to do. Its role was to demonstrate to HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) the benefits of them investing in the charities work to get the Maid of the Loch paddle steamer sailing once again on Loch Lomond.

The contributions in the video are used to demonstrate the benefits that different groups and communities would gain if the Maid of the Loch was successful in its aim to sail again. We are pleased to report that their bid for funding was successful, on the condition that they raise £1.7m towards the project. We have recently worked again with the team at the Maid to produce a series of crowd funding videos. 

Etre Beau Fascial Aesthetics, Stirling

The purpose of this video is very important, as it allows prospective clients of Etre Beau Fascial Aesthetics of Stirling to see the quality of the environment and to get to know the owner Jennie Hawkins, before making contact. This video also features some powerful testimonials from two very satisfied Etre Beau customers. 

Iseki Cab Tractor from Fraser C Robb

We have produced many product videos for Drymen based Fraser C Robb. Fraser C Robb sell and service an extensive range of ground care and garden equipment. Typically these videos will be 60 seconds or less, getting across the key benefits of the product, with a demonstration of it in use. The video ends with a call to action. These videos have been watched thousands of times and are discoverable in on-line product searches, therefore making them an effective tool for driving enquiries and sales. 

Sailingfast UK 

This video tells the personal and business story of Duncan and Emma Hepplewhite and their Falkirk based business - Sailingfast UK. They wanted a video version of an 'About Us' website page. Something that captured not only the essence of their business but the human side of it too. Story telling in video is a very powerful way to engage with and grow your audience. 

Carr's Touring Pitches 

Here's another very simple video, using just moving pictures and text to demonstrate a touring pitch site for prospective customers. This is Carr's Touring Pitches of Denny, near Falkirk. 

Thank-you for reading, if you would like to find out about our Marketing, Video and Photography Services, for businesses and charities of all sizes in Scotland please call Paul Saunders on 01360 661029. We are based in Loch Lomond and work throughout Scotland. 

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