Lantra Scotland


We have recently been busy working on a series of videos about careers in land based rural jobs. We were commissioned by Lantra Scotland to produce the films, with the story lines following two modern apprentices through their working days. 

To do this we spent a couple of days in the Scottish Highlands filming the Aqua Culture video on a salmon farm and the Game Keeping video on a large land estate. The two stars of the films are Kyle Stewart, Under Game Keeper at the Ardverikie Estate and Lisa Ashram a Fresh Water Operative at The Scottish Salmon Company in Kishorn. 

Kyle and Lisa are pictured above, their videos are shown below. In the films they demonstrate the many skills that they use in their working lives. 

I am grateful for Kyle and Lisa for there help and enthusiasm to the filming and for the support from their employers and education providers. A big thank-you too to Jim Ewing from Lantra Scotland who helped with the interviewing and planning of the films. 

There are more films in this series coming soon. If you are interested in finding out about Promotional Digital Video for your business or charity call Paul Saunders on 01360 661029.

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