Puffins On Staffa

This blog featuring the island of Staffa, Scotland shows some of my photographs taken whilst on a Staffa Tours trip to the islands of Mull, Staff and Iona.

Below are some photographs of the incredible rock formations of Fingal’s Cave on the island. On any other blog they would have been the main attraction, however as spectacular as they are they simply cannot compete with the incredible puffins that spend time on Staffa in the months from May to August.

More puffin photography coming soon, but first some photographs featuring the spectacular approach to the island on board one of the Staffa Tours boats.

Fingal’s Cave inspired composer Felix Mendelssohn to write an overture called, The Hebrides, Op. 26, (also known as Fingal’s Cave overture),after being inspired by the weird echoes in the cave during his visit in 1829. After sailing close to Fingal’s Cave we were lucky that the sea was calm enough for us to land at Staffa.

Sadly, with just an hour on Staffa there wasn’t time to visit the cave. This was because the puffins provided an irresistible photo opportunity.

Following the instructions provided by the captain of our boat tour we waited patiently at the top of the cliffs for the puffins to fly in from the sea to land very close to us. After a short time they grew in number and became bolder, getting ever closer. Here are some of my photographs of our new found friends.

The only downside was the midges - who not only went for me but were also prone 

I hope you enjoyed looking at my photographs of the puffins. I have wanted to go to Staffa for years to capture photographs of these beautiful birds. It was well worth the trip, especially as you also get the chance to visit the other beautiful islands of Mull and Iona.