A Gift from Loch Lomond 


Creating A New On-line Brand For Loch Lomond

This exciting project was commissioned by The Oak Tree Inn. The task to bring to life their idea for an e-commerce website selling gifts and experiences that are either about, or made in Loch Lomond. The project was supported by funding from Scottish Enterprise.

A brand was created and developed called ‘A Gift from Loch Lomond‘, providing one on-line platform that can easily market and retail Loch Lomond gifts and experiences. The logo was designed by Hutton Creative. The website can be found at www.giftfromlochlomond.co.uk

We built the e-commerce site and created all of the content that appears on it including, video, photography, blogs and product specifications. At the back-end of the website is a well structured and managed system to monitor stock levels and to quickly and accurately facilitate orders. Here are some examples of a few pages of the website.

Building A New E-commerce Website 

Product Photography 

The idea for the site came from brothers Stuart and David Fraser, who when launching their Village Shop in Balmaha (which sits next to the The Oak Tree Inn in Balmaha, Loch Lomond) had felt that a gift website would tap into the huge interest around the world for Loch Lomond. By creating a new brand that, although was owned by their business, wasn’t tied to it has created a platform attracting many Loch Lomond based businesses to get involved.

Here is an example of the natural style of product photography that we captured for the website.

St Mocha Coffee Retro T-Shirts 

The project also encouraged the development of some new products to sell on-line, including some pretty cool retro style T-shirts for St Mocha Coffee Shop & Ice Cream Parlour.

Loch Lomond Chocolate 

Another major new product created for the on-line shop was Loch Lomond Chocolate. A series of small and large bars, handmade by a local chocolatier.

You can find out more about Loch Lomond Chocolate on the videos below.

Promoting A Gift From Loch Lomond 

The videos that we produced to promote both the website and a selection of its suppliers proved to be an ideal campaign to growing awareness to the new site. The videos were premiered on Facebook and collectively notched up over 100,000 views in just a few weeks.

Here are the videos, starting with the main explainer video for the brand.

Next we showcased two of the suppliers – Loch Lomond Rocks and The Loch Lomond Chocolate Co.

The website – www.giftfromlochlomond.co.uk – has proved to be incredibly successful, easily able to manage large promotions, flash sales etc. Over time the website will grow, bringing in new suppliers and offering an increasing range of products and experiences.

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